CraftsCapitol™ Premium Darning/Quilting/Embroidery Foot

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Top Customer Reviews:

"I've bought a couple of other darning feet as a new free motion quilter. This foot is the best I've has the right amount of "spring" and visibility which makes my quilting projects a lot easier to do. It also fits my high shank Singer S 16 perfectly as others have mentioned since the machine is essentially the Janome 1600P. I highly recommend this foot. Big thanks to Crafts Capitol" - Cathy Eisenberg ★★★★★ 

Darning Foot: Practically Awesome Tool For Sewing

Are you searching for a multi-purpose item that can aid you in sewing? If yes, a Darning Foot from Crafts Capitol is highly recommended. The darning foot, also known as free motion sewing foot, is definitely a multi-purpose foot. You can use it for different things such as embroidery, motion quilting, and darning; an old-fashioned way of mending a damaged fabric.

Open Toe Darning Foot doesn’t only offer you convenience; it is also good for creating designs. This Darning foot is classified as “Open Toe”, giving you an additional ease in visibility when you’re sewing since there is nothing preventing you from seeing the needle. This feature is advantageous if you are planning to create near fringing or trim, over layered appliques, or textured quilts.

You will notice a spring-like material on this Darning Foot. This spring-like material will provide you with stability or a little movement when sewing when your fabric. This is a good feature if you’re working with fine embroidery or when stitching tiny background designs. It also has a plastic part which allows you to fully visualize your work which is very useful for doing complex or very precise designs. With a little practice, the Open Toe Darning Foot can be used to personalize many sewing projects.