CraftsCapitol™ Premium Even Feed/Walking Presser Foot With Guide Bar

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Sew And Quilt Easier With Even Feed/Walking Presser Foot With Guide Bar

    The CraftsCapitol™ Walking foot also called a quilting foot, is a sewing machine accessory with built-in feed dogs to guide two or more layers of fabric evenly through your machine. It feeds the backing, batting and quilt top through the machine evenly, and can be used to quilt gentle curves or to quilt in a ditch. A walking foot also works well for Straight-line quilting, Adding a quilt binding, Quilting with minky or other slick or knit fabrics, Sewing plaids,...

    First, let’s go over what a walking foot looks like and how it functions. It is a bulky foot that looks intimidating compared to other sewing machine feet, but its mechanics are quite simple. The distinguishing feature is its set of teeth, which crank in a circular motion above and below the surface of the foot depending on the position of its sidebar. See how the teeth move up when the bar is down, and move down when the bar is up?

    When attaching a walking foot to your machine, you must position this movable bar so it rests on top of your machine’s needle bar. As the needle moves up and down while you sew, the walking foot’s teeth will move correspondingly in sync with your machine’s feed dogs underneath the fabric.

    Here is a simplistic rendering of how a regular presser foot moves your fabric differently than a walking foot. A regular presser foot presses down on and slides along the top of your fabric, which means it’s sometimes pushing AGAINST the fabric, especially bulky fabric, as the feed dogs are trying to move the fabric toward the back of the machine. A walking foot, however, corrects this by scooting the top layer at the same pace as the bottom layer, so there’s no misalignment.

    Top Customer Review:

    "Works wonderfully and sees through thick fabric sandwiches likebuttah! Wondering why I didn't get an even feed foot a long time ago! Generic, yes. The Perfect accessory everyone needs to sew multiple layers of fabric."
    - Lydia Jane ★★★★★