CraftsCapitol™ Premium Parallel Stitch Presser Foot [Snap-On]

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Top Customer Reviews:
"I bought this product from Crafts Capitol since I hate having to mark my fabric for a sewing guide. This is mainly because it ruins the fabric. Another reason is that my eyes are not so good and it would be a hassle for me to draw a guide using a marker. Good thing I saw this product. Now, I can enjoy sewing without any hassle. I’m rating this product 5 star."
- Ann Fortner

Suitable for:This presser foot is intended to help people who are having difficulty in creating a perfect line and spacing of their sewing materials.

Border Parallel Presser Foot:This item is made to create straight and even stitches on your designs. It is specifically produced to keep the stitches neat without having to line the fabric using a marker. Border Parallel Presser Foot in Crafts Capitol was designed with red lines on the foot. It serves as a guide for sewing on the fabric. Whether you are sewing for fashion, home décor, or just for a hobby, Border Parallel Presser Foot will make your sewing easier, and more fun.

Make No Mistakes on Your Sewing with Border Parallel Presser Foot

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating or marking your fabric beforehand because of the two sets of vertical lines in this presser foot are calibrated to produce perfect spacing of rows and create perfect lines.

There is also a horizontal red line on the presser foot to guarantee that you can make a precise line up on each row since it is aligned with the needle drop. You will notice a small red mark which purpose is for you to see the center of your design and serve as a guide to line up your markings on the first row. Lastly, this product is made of a plastic material, which makes it glide with ease against the fabric; allowing you to view it more easily.

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