CraftsCapitol™ Premium Easy Press Roll Quilting Tool (2PCS)

  • 100% high-quality made & ship from the USA. 
  • Get 2 pieces of Easy Press Roll. Simple, saving time and no more hassle with your project.


Eazy Presss Roll:

  • It's much better than finger pressing and faster than a trip to the ironing board.
  • The comfortable, ergonomic handle makes it easy to press roll a seam or fold. It works well with straight, curved or paper pieced seams.
  • The wheel is tapered to focus pressure on the seam. That means the Eazy Press Roll won't pull, stretch or distort your fabric, and it prevents seam impressions on the right side of your project.
  • An excellent tool to help seal glued seams on leather and felt.

Tips:Use this tool to roll and press seams on a HARD surface. I keep mine right on my sewing machine table so I can press small projects at the machine. Saves my fingers and does a much better job. It's also wonderful for pressing seam allowances next to zippers--totally removes the risk of melting nylon coil zipper teeth. I absolutely LOVE mine!

Note: The Eazy Press Roll is convenient and quick to press seams at the sewing machine.


Package Includes:

  • 2 PCS * Easy Press Roll. (Updated from 1PC since Sep 26th)

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