Shapy™ Premium Sculptin/Pottery/Clay Full Set [30PCS]

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Customer Review:

"Awesome! You get exactly what is described and pictured by Crafts Capitol. All the tools are well made, sturdy, and very sharp. They are the best quality for such a reasonable price! I have no complaints and definitely recommend this product."
- Kathleen Croghan ★★★★★

Product Description:

  • TOTAL 30PCS TOOLS: This 30-piece set covers a wide range of sculpting techniques, can meet your different needs for carving, cutting, chipping, modeling, etc.
  • DURABLE & DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN: Made of durable wood and stainless steel material, it is durable for a long-lasting use and with double-sided design, can provide a variety of carving shapes, gives you more flexibility for your designs.
  • EASY TO USE: Three double-headed rubber shapers with 6 different soft tips, make it easy to remove; These 30pcs essential tools for pottery which is lightweight, smooth and comfortable to hold, easy to use.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Used for brushing, scraping, cleaning, carving, modeling, smoothing, shaping, sculpting and so on in the clay crafts producing process.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Suitable for beginners and experts, perfect for clay, paint, foam crafts, wood models, art projects and sculpture.


  • Professional clay and pottery sculpture tool set
  • Material: Metal, Wood, Silicone Rubber 
  • Sizes: 13CM - 20CM
  • Quantity: 30pcs
  • Dimensions: 13cm - 20cm

Package Included:
Clay Sculpture Tool Set ( total 30pcs )

  • 1 x Large flat tool
  • 1 x Metal wire brush tool
  • 1 x Loop tool
  • 1 x Needlepoint and curved flat tool
  • 1 x Slightly forked and spearhead tool
  • 1 x Slightly forked and curved flat tool
  • 1 x Loop and triangle ring tool
  • 1 x Needlepoint and spearhead tool
  • 1 x Curved tool and spearhead tool
  • 1 x Spoolie tool
  • 1 x Spearhead and curved tool
  • 2 x Curved and loop tool
  • 2 x Needlepoint and curved tool
  • 2 x Saw tool
  • 2 x Cutting and shaving clay
  • 2 x Curved blade and large spearhead tool
  • 2 x Salt and pepper drill tool
  • 3 x Rubber clay pen
  • 4 x Wooden sculpting cutting and shaving clay