CraftsCapitol™ Premium Sewing Bias Tape Maker Full Set

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Customer Reviews:
"Works good, there's some basic instructions and a guide in mm to go from on how much fabric to cut, I ended up googling a video but before this kit, I hadn't really a clue what the heck a bias tape maker was, so I can't really be a judge at all. I can say the tools have held up well, I haven't had any single problems making the size bias tape I've wanted / is advertised even being a complete newbie to the process, and the material whether knit, cotton, sewn together in long strips, jean, thicker material, etc ... has never given me trouble folding and settling through when pushed with the awl. I have never looked for a different kit, save purchasing one that makes it automatically for me, this is the kit I'd wholeheartedly recommend to anyone else, especially for the money." - Cas Rudy ★★★★★

"Finally used this kit for the first time, and I love it! The folding devices (not sure what else to call them) work perfectly--I used the largest one to make 1/2" double-fold tape. The foot is actually very cool, too, though it's tricky to get started with (if you have a good working knowledge of your machine then it shouldn't be too much trouble to figure out even without instructions, it just takes some practice to get it working smoothly)." - Linda K Lees ★★★★★

"Love, love, love it. What a beautiful set!!!! I was so impressed with the things in it and the case. I am very happy with the price. The instructions are very clear and as for the binder foot you can go on, put in for the search " binder foot" and you will see how it is in action. I cannot say enough about it other than, buy it and you will be just as thrilled as I am."- Nikki Chenard ★★★★★


  • Easily make your own bias tape from any fabric in just a few minutes with these Bias Tape Makers.
  • No more wasting money on store bought bias tape that is limited to a small selection of solid colors...
  • No more burned fingers making bias tape the slow old fashioned way...
  • Save money and open limitless possibilities to make single fold or double fold bias tape from the exact color/print you want.

  • Material: metal 
  • Color: 18.2cm x 12.9cm x 2.3cm/ 7.2" x 5.1" x 0.9"
  • Size: as the picture shows