Crochey™ Premium Full Crochet Kit 64 Pieces With 16 Sizes

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Customer Reviews:
"I am very pleased with the quality and just how many different things you get! The hook handles are perfect for beginner's hands and the stitch markers are excellent for keeping track of certain areas on projects or for just keeping track.Love the yarn/thread clipper. I'm not finding the ergonomic steel hooks all that comfortable, compared to the regular steel hooks. I do like all the gizmos that come with this set, plenty of locking stitch markers, the cable holders, row counters, and a couple giant yarn needles round out some tools. Thank you, Crafts Capitol. I would recommend this kit to anyone!" -Jessica Grant ★★★★★

"I wasn’t expecting too much from this kit upon placing my order but I was quite impressed the moment I received it! it’s really a great set and it's very affordable! I highly recommend it! Its a cute affordable set. Has a measuring tape, hooks, plastic needles, the scissors, etc, that it comes with has a cover which is really cool and safe, The crochet hooks appear to be of good quality and it’s very sturdy. It has good grip especially the big ones and the measurement of each hook is found on its body, very readable! A bit of everything this is a wonderful set. This would be a great gift set for someone who loves to crochet."- Jenn C. ★★★★

"This is the perfect kit for someone who is just starting out orforo some who has been crocheting for a long time. Gives you all the tools that you need. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for all the parts but not looking to spend and arm in a leg!"- Isabel Brock ★★★★★

Product Descriptions:

Please Note: We have limited colors available.

These soft rubber handle crochet hooks include the following sizes:
2.5mm / 3.0mm / 3.5mm / 4.0mm /
4.5mm / 5.0mm / 5.5mm / 6.0mm

The blue plastic handle crochet hooks including follow sizes:
0.6mm / 0.75mm / 1.00mm / 1.10mm /
1.25mm / 1.50mm / 1.60mm / 1.75mm

Items Included in the Craft Case (Case size: 17.4*10*2.3cm):

  • Counting circular ring 10 pieces (5pcs large + 5pcs small)
  • Counts the buckle 10 pieces
  • Tape measure 1 pieces
  • Suture needle 4 pieces (2pcs - 9cm ,2pcs - 7cm)
  • Crooked needle 3 pieces
  • Needles point protectors 4pcs (2pcs small + 2pcs large)
  • Row counter 2pcs (1pcs small + 1pcs large)
  • Plastic Handle Sewing 1pcs
  • Thimble 1pcs

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