CraftsCapitol™ Premium Universal Vacuum Attachment Dust Cleaning For Woodworkers/Drawer/Crafts

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  • This vacuum cleaner attachment works with most standard sized vacuum hoses. the blue part is detachable to adapt to smaller or bigger hose.
  • Features long and flexible tubes which act like a brush that can sweep or dislodge dust and other mall debris particles.
  • Helps you to effectively remove dust in the tightest and the areas difficult to reach in your house.
  • this design allows you to just suction in the dust without worrying about that larger items or debris being sucked in as well.
  • With this product, your home cleaning tasks will most certainly be a lot faster to do and will result in a better clean of your home as well.
 Product Description:
  • Made with 36 Flexible, Micro-Size Tubes
  • This Design allows you dust around bigger objects without moving things away before your cleaning work.
  • Tube Adjuster Slides for Concentrated Suction or Wide Cover.
  • Easily Attaches to Any standard sized Vacuum
  • Ergonomic Grip for Comfortable holding
  • Package Includes: 1 x Vacuum Attachment