CraftsCapitol™ Premium Carbide Router Bit Set [1/4" Shank]

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Product Description:

  • Precisely machined sharp YG8 tungsten carbide blade makes clean and accurate cuts on all types of wood with excellent resistance to heat
  • Hardened solid alloy steel main construction with power coating finish for durability and longevity
  • Enclosed bearing roller for smooth and aligned operations with 1/4 inch universal shank fits all models of routers
  • Comes with wooden index case for easy storage and organization
  • Perfect for edging, trimming, veining and grooving in all woodworking projects for both professional carpenters and hobbyists


  • Color: Red Bits
  • Packing: Wooden box
  • Shank Diameter: 1/4": 0.25" (6.35MM)
  • Wood Box Size: 1/4": 6.8"*4.9"*2" (L*W*H) (17.3CM*12.4CM*5.1CM)


  • Straight Bit (3mm)
  • Cove Box Bit
  • Bearing Cove Box Bit
  • Dovetail Bit
  • Rounding Over Bit
  • Straight Flush Bit (7mm)
  • Bearing Flute Trim
  • Straight Bit (16mm)
  • Cove Box Bit
  • Bearing 45 Chamfer Bit
  • Straight Bit (6mm) 
  • Rounding Over Bit
  • Roman Ogee Bit
  • Straight Bit (12mm)