CraftsCapitol™ Premium 3D Sugar Rose Cutter

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Always struggled to perfect those beautiful sugar roses to cakes? Your solution is here! The SUGAR Rose Cutter has been designed to make the easiest and quickest sugar roses ever!


  • Creating pretty roses that can be used on cakes and cupcakes to give a romantic and sophisticated finish can be a frustrating task.
  • Symbolizing joy, there may be no more relevant flower for a happy occasion than the rose. 
  • Three sizes of roses can be made from this one cutter, providing the perfect mix of sizes to make your flower decorations life-like. You can easily create a bud all the way to a blooming 7CM rose. The technique for each of these sizes is exactly the same. Not only is this cutter great for beginners as it is so easy and simple to use, it is a real time-saving tool for professional cake decorators.
  • Measurements: 17*6.5CM,14*5.3CM,10.2*4CM