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CraftsCapitol™ Premium Damaged Screw Extractor Kit [4PCS]

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Suitable for: Damaged Screw Extractor is an item suitable for craftsmen, carpenters, repairmen, contractors, handymen, or do-it-yourselfers. Removing a stuck-screw can be an incredibly frustrating task. Good thing, here in Crafts Capitol, we have this incredible item which you can use. Damaged Screw Extractor is an easy and affordable solution for removing damaged and stuck-screws.

4PCS/Set Damaged Screw Extractor:  Due to rust and metal corrosion, it would be almost impossible to remove the stuck screws. But you don't need to worry; Damaged Screw Extractor was exactly made to help us with situations like this.  Damaged Screw Extractor from Crafts Capitol comes in a 4-piece set. The 4-piece screw extractor set works with any drill and any screw size or bolts which is great for stripped, broken, stuck or damaged and screw removal. It is made with high-class steel for extra hardness to guarantee that it is long lasting and can provide outstanding performance.

Removing Stuck Screws with a Screw Extractor

Damaged Screw Extractor is a sure and safe method that can help you remove a stuck screw without breaking a sweat. This tool is intended to relieve a stuck crew that is hard to remove without creating damage to the material.  It is a small, but a brilliant item that you can buy for an affordable price. It’s a 4 piece set with different sizes. Having it in different sizes is very important. If you don’t have the correct size for the screw, it can strip the screw-head making it harder to remove.

Having a problem on how to remove a struck screw can be infuriating; but with the Damaged Crew Extractor, it won't cause you a headache and will surely remove that struck screw with the just little amount of time and effort.