CraftsCapitol™ Premium Fringe/Looping Presser Foot

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"Another tool to broaden my designs, play with on scraps, and utilize for the enjoyment of my sewing machine. So far, the foot snaps on and off easily, and the needle goes in correctly. Thank you, Crafts Capitol" - Carol Bowden ★★★★★


Suitable for:Fringe/Looping Sewing Foot is for people who want to have neat and elegant stitches on their sewing project. You can create beautiful sewing effects including chenille effect, eyelash loop, faux-hemstitching, fringe and heirloom fagoting.

Fringe/looping sewing foot:A fringe foot is a sewing tool which can make 3D thread stitches on your fabric. It creates appealing ornamental surface embellishments that look and feel like chenille-type textures. Fit well with the Low-Shank machine.

Create Fancy-Looking Stitches using Fringe/Looping Sewing Foot

Creating a well-customized fringe would be effortless for you using this tool. Aside from creating fringes, this amazing tool can also be used to create various decorative designs you’re your sewing project. It also fits most sewing machines including Baby Lock Machines, Brother Machines, and Singer Machines.

What are the designs and effects we can create using a fringe foot?

Chenille Effect

This design is the best way to highlight shaped details on your design. Chenille Effect is best for creating mats, towels, or carpets.

Eyelash Loop

Eyelash loop is best for adding designs for bibs, mats, or design for creating rag dolls.

Faux-Fagoting Or Faux-Hemstitching

You can use this sewing technique if you want to join two folded edges of the fabric. This is perfect if you want to add accent on a sleeve or the hem of a skirt.

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