CraftsCapitol™ Premium Portable Multi-Angle Welding Neodymium Magnetic

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Welding Angle Magnet Holder

Designed to enable fast and accurate to hold of ferrous metals for welding and assembly jobs. 
It will hold both sheet and tube at many angles.

Used for 45 Degree, 90 Degree, 135 Degree


  • ARROW SHAPE - The Arrow shape design of this allows you to work with different angles while welding pieces. Can be used for 45, 90, and 135-degree angles.
  • MAGNETIC - This welding piece holder is magnetic so it can hold workpieces at multiple angles while leaving your hands free to work more efficiently.
  • DURABLE - These welding holders are made of a heavy duty construction that can hold up to 50 lbs of material without any wear whatsoever and will last through years of use.
  • USE FOR A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS - Magnetic Arrow Holders can be used for more than welding. Use them in Welding, Soldering, Assembly, Marking-off, Pipe Installation, Floater and in Hanging Application.
  • CONVENIENT- compact design of magnetic holders make them super convenient and portable to bring around in any work environment.