YarnCo™ Hats Scarves Loom Knitting Machine

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Customer review:

"So, I knew it was a kids toy so I knew it wasn't going to be that great. I figured it was going to break. But, it works great. (Knock on wood). I had it done in 20 minutes. Now, that is fast. I do have to say if you try to go fast on it your going to be doing some repair work on it. Just go slow and you won't have any problems. It's easy to bind off. When you are coming to the end start a different color and go about 4 rows then take it off. You can bind all the way around on the main color and then remove the different color. (just cut it off making sure not to cut the main yarn). It's easier to do it than to type it." - Bluebells. ★★★★★


  • Easy to use the machine to create knitted scarves, hats, socks, forearm warmers, and more.
  • No batteries needed, your kids can use it right out of the valise see through gift box.
  • Children enjoy the satisfaction of creating gifts and accessories while being creative, implementing their ideas and learning new skills.
  • This loom knitting machine includes: a white and pink knitting loomed machine, 2 mini skeins of yarn, a crochet needle and a tapestry needle.
  • Made of: Eco-friendly, ABS and PC Plastic that Conforms to ASTM and F963.


Kids enjoy crafting. Most love to create as well and are very proud when their creation is a useful item. Introducing a great gift for kids. The children's loom knitting machine that knits with the turn of a handle. Since it does not require batteries, your kids can use it right out of the carrying valise box.

Let your children enjoy the satisfaction of creating their own knitted items even gifts with this easy to usemachine. Having their own knitting machine kids can get creative, express their ideas, learn skills and easily knit scarves, hats, socks, forearm warmers, and more.

This item is a simple and practical mini knitting machine, which is mainly made of durable hard plastic. It easy and fun to create the knitted gifts and accessories! The see through carrying valise window gift box it comes in, includes: a white and pink knitting loomed machine, 2 mini skeins of yarn, a crochet needle and a tapestry needle.

Tips about using the knitting machine:

  1. Work slowly, at a nice steady pace. If you go too fast stitches may slip.
  2. Don't pull the yarn too tightly or the handle will not work properly. If you keep the yarn loose you will get better results.
  3. The knitted items are rather small, doll and small child size.
  4. The machine knits well with worsted weight yarn that is easy to find.
  5. NOTE: As mentioned in the instructions some versions of this machine come with a dome that has no function and isn't necessary for production. This particular version DOES NOT come with a dome.


Even a kid can use it:

Customer review & instruction:

Packing list:

  • 1 x diy knitting machine
  • 2 x Wool
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x Crochet
  • Size: 8Hx10Wx4D
  • This product contains small parts and a sharp needle. It is best for Children under 8 years old to be under adult supervision.
  • Actual product may vary from photos.


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